OPINEL Secateurs - Meadow Green

We’ve bought and broken nearly every brand of secateur available in our Australian hardware store. We now truly understand the premise -you get what you pay for! We used to have to buy five pairs of (cheap) snips every term as they would inevitably break. These ones have passed the Wildlings test! Great for Forest School Leaders, gardeners, Outdoor Learning practitioners and playgroup facilitators who are always collecting natural resources for work!

The Opinel hand pruner has robust stainless steel blades, 20mm cutting capacity, and blades shaped to reduce the cutting force required. It has a three-position patented switch with two opening widths to adapt the pruner to the diameter of the branches, or to the size of the user's hand, and a closed position. Varnished beech handle. Polyamide upper guard for a comfortable and secure grip. Protected spring to prevent dirt from entering the mechanism and pinching. Fleuro highlights make tools highly visible. Shown in green and yellow. Made in Europe.