Wildcraft Book

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The Science and Spirit of Wild Plants as Food and Medicine

Wildcraft is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive and practical guide to using wild plants as food and medicine.

It covers everything from the energetic/ spirit qualities of the plants; to botanical identification; nutritional profiles; chemical constituents; folk medicine; how the plants are used; cautions and contraindication; and some of the most extensive research on the topic of wild plants as food and medicine to date.

Wildcraft gives you the ability to confidently identify wild, edible and medicinal plants out in the field. For the home gardener this opens up a whole new world of wonder and appreciation for the weeds you pull out of your garden, as well as wonderful new ways to use them as food and medicine.

It also provides practitioners of herbal medicine with a strong evidence base to justify the use of these plants in their practice as well as providing students and researches with an evidenced based foundation on which to conduct further studies in this area.

Plant identification guides Current research Beautiful photography Nutritional profiles Traditional folk medicine Plant spirit qualities.

Restoring our planet with treesisters

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