Opinel No 8 Pocket Knife with Opinel Sports Sheath Set

This knife is the next step up from the No. 7, my first round tipped knife. Suited for primary school children through to adults that have already been exposed to using pocket knives/whittling. If we made knives, this is the one we’d want to make. We gift these to all our friend’s children!

The Opinel folding knife, with its clean, simple design and remarkable utility, has been prized by adventurers, artists and chefs for more than 100 years. This modern version of the classic Opinel No8 features a 3-1/4” stainless steel blade and wood handle. It fits easily in a pocket, but also comes with a  belt sheath for easier access. 

Corrosion resistant and has tremendous cutting quality. The Virobloc safety system locks the blade open or closed. The sheath matches the shape of the knife and can be used to protect and transport it. Comes in a recyclable cardboard gift box. Beautiful and practical gift.